Sunday, October 18, 2009

Getting here...

I've been meaning to post these photos since the beginningCleveland to JFK to Casablanca to Marrakech. Here is Hazel in CLE with her "pack-pack," kindness of Jennifer C-L. She was so excited to put it on, march about, take it off, put it on...

Mountains and mountains of things, and Paul forgot his ukulele back on Elm Street:

We say goodbye to the folks...

Waiting at JFK for the flight to Casablanca. Here Hazel takes what I think is her first self-portrait:

Reminiscing about the old before we encounter the new. Paul goes through a Berkeley photo-book (hurray, Little Farm! Yay, Eden and Saira!!) somewhere over the Atlantic:

Pure pleasure...

First photo on the ground in Morocco. We're on the tarmac about to wait 5 hours with no information until 5 minutes before departure for Marrakech. Hazel's still in her pajamas and the white muffling light makes the scene feel simultaneously like anywhere and nowhere. I remember looking around, hoping for a physical marker to make us feel like we were here. I love the way Hazel looks so present, despite the three flights in 18 hours and the 4 hours of sleep, and one flight still to go.

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  1. So I google your name in hopes of finding an address to send a card but what do I find instead? Wonderful. These photos confirm the endearing words with which Caz speaks of Hazel.

    It's great that you have taken on this adventure -- I so wanted to visit Morocco when in Grand Canaria -- and hope you and your family are well during the holidays.

    Caz returned to Denver a couple of days ago and I'm heading to Cotopaxi to spend a few days with him and my companion Daniel.
    The Liske family remains close to my heart. Happy Holidays.