Saturday, October 10, 2009

Photos from our morning walk

Here Hazel has decided to plop down and take off her shoes, but Paul persuades her otherwise:

I'd seen this furniture gallery (called African Lodge) a couple weeks ago while Hazel and I were tootling about—and was struck by this take on Ingres' famed La Grande Odalisque (1814). A couple more versions of the same image in different shades also hang in the gallery's window—thanks, Mr. Warhol. I just thought it was pretty interesting to see a western painter's famous image from the "exotic east'" re-made and re-produced multiple times over (albeit through westerner Warhol's lens) right here in the "east." (Note that she's missing an eye—another play on seeing, or not.) Didn't stop in to ask about the artist, Moroccan or French or who exactly, but either way a cool reinterpretation. Hazel and Paul wait patiently across the street...also pictured, a bicycle wheel reminiscent of Marcel Duchamp and his "readymade" art, circa 1913:

Hazel finds another seat—she tries all four of them in fact, though I took a photo only of the first:

You see 4X4 vehicles of all sorts all over town, typically advertising tours of some sort. None quite so disturbing as this find:

One of the many homeless hounds of Marrakech. Paul just now tells me (when I ask what he would say above this photo) that it's been about two months since he's pet a dog, and that if we stay here he's going to open a dog shelter and spaying service. This is a typical sight:

Blooms and telephone lines, city shot:

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  1. Good Morning!

    First, my apologies for the random comment. My wife and I moved from Berkeley (Elmwood) to Marrakech this summer, as well. Small world. I happened upon your blog and have found it to be a wonderful read.