Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Further west

A few photos from our time in Chicago -- did you know that one of the world's eight Baha'i temples looks out onto Lake Michigan, just south of where the property tax for the year is about a 100K? Gulp. Leafy suburbs can tuck away all sorts of mysteries.
And a detail from this nonagon (can you tell its got nine sides?) --
And then the lake itself --
Somehow this magical lake is channeling the turquoise greens and blues of the Caribbean, the Mediterranean. I don't think Lake Erie is hip enough to pull that off.
There was a rip tide, so no swimming. But Hazel and Paul made hay while the sun shone (we did just read Little House in the Big Woods.) And the whole time I kept wanting to say 'ocean' -- had to catch myself -- like that's the only word available for large-wave-producing-body-of-water-that-makes-your-soul-leap-up.
And then that many-roomed and tortuously-arranged aquarium perched on the edge of the lake downtown. For a moment I had an apocalyptic vision of all the glass smashing and the million-gallon tanks freeing their salt-water prisoners to the wilds of fresh water and the promise of an ocean beyond -- if they could just make it to the St. Lawrence seaway (long fresh gill-killing trip).
And a few details --
And then the famed Art Institute -- took my breath away -- though we did take the 7-and-under tour, which meant no waterlilies, no pausing or perusing, lots of dancing along the ballet barre, a catching here and there of what I could grasp at --
Canvas of texture in the garden to the south --
And that classic midwest spelling idiosyncrasy --
Lion looks on...

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