Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Re-start, initiate, stay up late

The second school year passes in a whoosh -- a disparate visit or two to this lonely site of mine, outpost of thought, a semi-abandoned Pluto of notions. (Not always, but sometimes.) Updated last last summer (with the exception of a post from the left coast). We headed west to Ohio.

And it's now later still -- still later. Hazel turns 5 in twelve days and counting.
Yeah, true -- 'ohhh...alright...', as Roy Lichtenstein would have me think -- or say? -- or be? Whatevs. (Thanks, Art Institute of Chicago.) Part of me says, "I guess I can be OK with that." Ohio has been happening in all its midwestern glory. And so has Chicago. We spent a happy early-July weekend in Wilmette (see above), one of the leafy (boozy) suburbs on the north shore -- but you know this, right? (The echo-y chamber of this interweb, especially at almost midnight, is enough to make you wonder who your audience really is.) I guess folks know where the North Shore is. At any rate -- Happy Hazel! Which is most days. This one was on Lake Michigan:

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